Conducted by Jean Campbell

7 June
2 August
4 October
6 December
Conducted by Barbara Wimble

3 May (April meeting date changed because of Anzac Day)
28 June
23 August
25 October
Conducted by Sue Hewitt

10 May
12 July
(none in September)
8 November
Conducted by Maree McKinley. Learn how to present your family history writings in different ways.
28 May
26 June
23 July
27 August
24 September, 22 October, 20 November
If you own an Mac, an iPhone, iPod, or Macbook, you may be interested in learning about the family history computer program Reunion for Mac, now in Version 10, which allows you to store your family information on portable devices to carry it with you wherever you may be researching. Both those who already have the program and those thinking of acquiring it, are welcome.
3 June
5 August
7 October
2 December

6 May
1 July
2 September
4 November


For PC & Mac. Conducted by Fred Scott. Learn how to get the best out of this program.

15 May
21 August
20 November